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Acupuncture is an alternative medicine developed thousands of years ago by the Chinese. Through thousands of years of clinical study and practice, it was discovered the insertion of needles in specific locations on the body can alter the functioning of the body to the patients benefits. From a western medical perspective Acupuncture increases blood flow to an area (to increase healing by bringing oxygen and nutrients), releases pain killing hormones, and interacts with the nervous system to kill nerve pain (as demonstrated by MRI's taken during acupuncture treatments).

Cupping is an ancient method to release the muscle layer, much like massage, but instead of pushing stagnant toxins (the byproducts of ATP) in to the body to be processed, it pulls the toxins out to the
exterior. This movement to the exterior allows for the toxins to be released out instead of in. Especially useful in dealing with difficult to treat body pain. This process is generally relaxing and enjoyable.

Moxa is a processed herb that is traditionally burned close to the skin to create a pleasant sensation of warmth while tension drains away from muscles. It also invigorates and energizes the body and organs.

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